Don’t allow HEART DISEASE or other diseases of aging to shorten your HEALTHSPAN.

The Life Span Program is THE comprehensive evaluation for the detection and prevention of Heart Disease and diseases of aging.

“Live well and die young at an old age.”

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What is Ahead for You ?


The Life Span Program is a unique series of tests designed to preempt diseases of aging.

Identify the earliest signs and risks of diseases of aging.

Identify sources of injury that may cause disease in the future or be aggravating disease now.

Identify signs of repair or failure of repair.

Identify problems with gut health that casue diseases of aging.

Identify problems with the microbiome that casue diseases of aging.

Identify autoimmune problems that cause diseases of aging.

Identify sources of inflammation that cause diseases of aging .

Find toxins and find stealth infections.

Identify gene variants and expression of genes that predispoe to diseases of aging and which can be modified.

At the end of the day the parents receive an e-mail in which they can check the daily routine again.

The Life Span Program is THE comprehensive evaluation for the detection and prevention of Heart Disease and diseases of aging.

Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing for cardiac, respiratory, and muscular fitness.

Body composition analysis including measurement of visceral adiposity.

Metabolic assessment for blood sugar and insulin dys-regulation.

Evaluation of small artery function, microvascular testing.

Imaging for evidence of artery disease.

Microbiome evaluation for dysbiosis or infection.

Nutritional testing of Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients.

Evaluation of oxidative stress.

Testing of endothelial function.

Autoimmune evaluation.

Evaluation of intestinal permeability and wheat sensitivity.

Testing of thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.

Analysis of sleep quality, sleep apnea, and sleep architecture.

Evaluation of general inflammation and artery inflammation.

Measurement of toxin exposure and detoxification capacity.

Evaluation of autonomic nerve function.

Genetic evaluation for modifiable variants related to vascular health and dementia.

Gene expression testing to determine which are turned on or off.

Why this works.

J Thomas Svinarich MD FACC FHRS

At Colorado Center for Functional Medicine we bring together experience and insight in Cardiology, Functional Medicine, coaching, and community building to heal the heart.

After years of practice as a cardiac electrophysiologist, I developed the practice of “Functional Cardiology” to expand treating heart disease into healing heart disease.

As a physician with board certification and long experience in cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology, I understand how heart disease, or even the risk of heart disease, can affect  your life and your family. Making you safe is the first priority.

Treating the symptoms and complications of heart disease is important, but I observed that heart disease ultimately progresses in spite of the best symptomatic treatment with procedures and medications. Experience dealing with my own heart problems with atrial fibrillation taught me that it is necessary to find and treat the root causes of heart disease.  A holistic, patient centered, Functional Medicine approach makes this possible.

This experience led to the understanding of the 3 keys to preventing and reversing heart disease and other diseases of aging.

First we identify the extent of problems that currently exist, and measure these biomarkers to document the benefits of treatment.

Next, the sources of injury are identified and treated by focusing on changes in nutrition, diet, and lifestyle.

Third, the body has remarkable capacity to heal and repair if we let it. Restoring the balance of injury and repair is possible by applying new knowlege regarding these processes.

Invest in Your health

Diseases of aging rob us of our mobility, sexuality, independence, comfort, social connections, self confidence, and income

Diseases of aging are becoming more common at younger ages, with one half of Americans affected by age 50.

The Life Span Program is an investment in your health.

There is no investment in the future without an investment in your health.