We could offer You Substantial lease
income to host a solar farm! Solar increasingly offers the highest economic yield per acre for many farms!


By choosing us you'll get the following benefits


​Farmers and land owners are core to our business. Solar increasingly offers the highest economic yield per acre for many farms. Because we’ve partnered with dozens of farmers like you, we understand the decision to re-purpose land is not made without careful consideration


Whether your land is fallow or cultivated every season, solar is increasingly becoming a superior economic option. As a revenue generating asset, solar farms pay an annual lease rate for 20
or more years.


Should you then decide to partner with us, we’ll execute a lease “option” agreement that pays a monthly fee while we perform required environmental and permitting diligence tasks. During this time you can continue to use your property on an unrestricted basis.


Public sector entities across the country are increasingly taking advantage of the savings offered by solar PPA’s, and are perfect candidates for off-site solutions where energy is sold contractually from remotely sited systems. Our team has worked with more municipalities and housing authorities than any other in the solar industry, providing over $100mm in aggregate savings via long term solar energy contracts.


Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA’s”) enable customers to buy solar power without owning the solar equipment. PPA’s are attractive for customers seeking to minimize their balance sheet impact, and those who lack the tax liability to monetize the federal investment tax credit (“ITC”).Our team has collectively executed hundreds of PPA’s with commercial, municipal and federal customers associated with both onsite and offsite systems. To learn more, contact us today