Contemporary Home shutters

So, when you have great taste and have made your home look fantastic, but the one thing you haven’t finalised is how you will cover your windows – what do you do?

We think you should give us a call! We don’t just specify wooden shutters and hopefully when you look across the installation on the website you will see that.

For this home though plantation shutters ticked all the boxes. Firstly, if you look at the building from the outside you will see that the windows are very large and mainly floor to ceiling. This brings a certain challenge for the home owner. Surrounded by other buildings of the same height, these floor to ceiling windows give a great view both out of the home but also, unfortunately, into the home.

Although we fit a large number of motorised blinds, including rollers and venetians, neither of these would have provided the correct solution. The main issue with roller is that if you want privacy, they must come down to floor level and in general if you can see out through the fabric the others can

see in. This is especially accentuated at night when you have the lights on. If the customer had chosen venetians then these would all have to be angled for privacy and reduced the amount of light that the customer could have enjoyed.

As you can see the floor to ceiling plantation shutters we chose in conjunction with the customer allowed for 3 separate sections that can be individually controlled. This allowed the customer to raise privacy level to 2/3rd up the window. By mounting the shutters in line with the window recess we even gave the customer the flexibility to fold the shutters flat against the wall. By bi-folding them one direction we managed to utilise the spaces that were free on the wall and provide symmetry.

The shutters provided an ideal solution for the floor to ceiling square bay. Because we make the shutters so that they replicate the framework of the existing bay you can maximise the space. Curtains, here for example, would have looked very heavy, and also would have spoilt the architectural feature of the bay and also robbed the window of light.


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The images below of the shutters in the study area are a great example of how shutters play with light and can actually make a room lighter by reflecting the sunlight into the room.

In the kitchen where potentially grease and food smells can become ingrained in fabric window coverings, shutters are ideal. They are easy to clean and don’t absorb smells. Simply clean with some warm soapy water or a baby wipe and your good to go.

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We don't just sell shutters so if you are looking to mix and match your shutters with some of our other amazing window coverings such as our remote control or honeycombe blinds just let us now and we will bring all the samples with us.