Have recent events changed the way your company and staff work? Want your staff to stay on top of the latest ways to save time, energy and running costs with plant and equipment in the healthcare industry?

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Our Company

Australian Medical Suction has 15 years’ experience in manufacturing suction systems for hospitals, health centres and laboratories across Australia. At the heart of our manufacturing is our commitment to provide education for consultants, engineers and administrators to ensure the safe sizing of medical suction systems to the Australian Standard AS2896-2011

Our Products

Utilising the German built Becker pump, a market leader in many industries around the world, we manufacturer locally designed and built medical suction systems. We also offer custom designed and manufactured dental and laboratory suction systems and can also provide anaesthetic gas suction systems (AGSS).

Our Services

We can work with consultants, engineers and end users from the very beginning of the project to help size, design and specify the right system for your specific healthcare facility’s needs. No two systems may be the same, so knowing how to size the system is paramount in getting the right system the first time.

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