Have you ever imagined what the future of mobility would look like?

Futuristic-looking cars have often appeared in science fiction films such as the DeLorean, which we saw in the future and which amazed us as a vehicle enthusiast. This DeLorean in addition to rolling, flying was a time machine.

But also very futuristic flying cars from the film The Fifth Element. What about today? Although these different cases of figures are not part of our near future, car manufacturers have redoubled their ingenuity in terms of innovation in order to lead us to a rather grandiose future of mobility. 

The entire billionaireservices team has assembled for you in this Tome1, a list of 5 futuristic cars not exhaustive that could be found on our roads.

IN BONUS: You will receive a 4-minute and 8 secondes interview with a car racer we met at the 2019 Lyon Motor Show.