A digital well-being resource – a playbook and app that focuses on the well-being and self-leadership of the most marginalized.  Written and researched by KDPM Consulting Group INC. and supported by One People TO, iRise Yoga, Wellness by Saran, and Wellness Consultant Chivon John and Mindfulness Coach Meghan Wills. The WEll-Being Playbook is designed to help organizations provide more racially and culturally relevant well-being options for their employees.

For many Black women, Indigenous or women of color, just living and leading our lives at work comes with an “emotional tax,” an invisible and additional source of anxiety in the form of daily discrimination that impact our lives, ability to dream bigger, our creativity, innovative work, and health. Why are we waiting to prioritize our well-being when statistics show that NOW is a great time to start.” – Karlyn Percil, CEO, KDPM Consulting Group and Creator of TheWEll-BEING Playbook.

Wellness to me means peace, vitality, and safety in an emotional, spiritual, psychological, mental, physical way, a full-body, 360, comprehensive state of being in alignment with your highest and best self possible.” – Rachel Ricketts, Spiritual Activist, Healer, Speaker

When a person experiences racism, stress is tripled for people of color – it shortens their life, especially when there’s nothing a person can do.”- Dr Kwame McKenzie, CEO, The Wellesley Institute


Purpose 01

To increase inclusivity around workplace wellness and well-being. To increase access to culturally relevant practitioners, offerings and spaces where the lived experiences and the unique challenges marginalized people face inside and outside the workplace are prioritized.

Purpose 02

To amplify and center the voices, expertise, leadership and wisdom of the wellness practitioners and offerings led by, curated by and offered by Black, Indigenous, Women and people of color. To make representation more than a hashtag by increasing representation and inclusion of racialized practitioners.

Purpose 03

To increase engagement, retention and positively impact workplace culture. Research shows that when engagement goes up, so does innovation, creativity and engagement leading to more involved and active employees. Wouldn’t you love to retain the brilliant Black, Indigenous and self-identifying women of color you hire?


Majorities of Canadians who are Black (54%) or Indigenous (53%) have personally experienced discrimination due to race or ethnicity from time to time, if not regularly, in the workplace.” – Race Relations in Canada 2019 Survey by EnvironicsCanada .


It’s 2020 and we are far away from an equitable and inclusive workplace. Can we aim for Wellness Equity as we continue the work? Our mission is to put an end to the lack of racially and culturally relevant offerings in the workplace

“If we’re going to carry the load of exclusion – why not help us carry it differently?”

Inclusive leadership and fulfillment in life is a social process that requires psychological safety, emotional intelligence,  flourishing of the whole self – first on the individual level, then on the team level which influences and impacts overall workplace culture and engagement.

The WEll-BEING Playbook will also feature personalized wellness plans and evidence-based research by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color that focuses on the importance of optimum health and the fundamental need for inclusion.

This digital resource will also foster a shared network of users, who can share and provide insight on their personal wellness journeys.


Teachers , Facilitators, Mindfulness and Wellness Activist


The WEll-BEING Playbook will also offer Wellness Plans called Tracks which will  include relevant habits, reminders, affirmations, quotes, lessons learned and more from the wellness practitioners and teachers who will be a part of the playbook and guide.

This will include the following topics and not limited to: well-being, self-leadership, mindset training, emotional intelligence, self-care for all seasons, managing microaggressions, 

managing up, dealing with internalised oppression etc


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